Combo Heroes: Blade Master Age [HACK Massive Damage] v 1.3.0

Author: Enot
Category: Casual
Weight: 50 mb
Android version: 4.0.x

A legendary tale of warriors engaged in superhero battle with monsters of undead legion. You are a shadow blade fighter of hunter generations, a sword master destined to survive unlimited battles against all the undead zombies, werewolfs, ghosts and monsters of fairy tales.

Test yourself in the different stages. This knight vs monster game presents each stage as a superhero battle arena. Be the glorious hunter, the ultimate sword fighter to work your way up to the final stage of Combo Heroes- Blade Master Age ! Keep your super sword sharp, because on the way of this war craft league you’ll be fighting different types of the nefarious monsters.

Free download Combo Heroes- Blade Master Age on your android device and enjoy the single battles. What is more thrilling then a legion of legendary monster warriors coming toward you! And you are last born shadow blade fighter of hunter generations destined to kill each and every furious monster with your super sword in this ultimate battle league.

An epic sword fighter game set in an age of myth and legend. The most powerful monsters and legendary evil warriors have been summoned to a brutal superhero battle . A knight vs monster superhero battle to restore peace in the most graphically amazing war special craft league. A pantheon of super sword master and shadow blade fighter is yours to train to achieve a new height and take to war as you enter an epic story of monster hunter ultimate generations.

◈ Features of Combo Heroes- Blade Master Age ◈

- HD quality visual graphics
- You will find some awesome combo attacks in this knight vs monster superhero battle
- Tap to craft and upgrade your character
- You can play anywhere with no network. On a plane, abroad, below the sea, and even in space!
- You can enjoy our blade fighter war and special craft league edition with the tap game free with only one hand in portrait mode.
- Tap to decide what stats to upgrade! Choose wisely and make your own powerful heroes!
- Convenient upgrade system! Each item obtained during the game is applied to every heroes automatically. No need to choose.
- This war craft league game contains adventure-filled 100 stages in RPG story mode and endless boss mode.

### Face the ultimate boss by collecting 5 artifacts. Defeat the boss and finish the ultimate super hero battle game. However, undead legion of monsters awaits beyond the abyss!

◈ How To Play ◈

- Craft and upgrade your blade heroes by slaying monsters and collecting artifacts.
- Encounter various monsters through 10 different chapters of this knight vs monster
- Summon powerful super sword masters and explore through the abyss
- Collect artifacts through the superhero battle and check out the awesome extra abilities.
- Receive a legendary hero from warriors clan by finishing the game.

◈ Combo Heroes- Blade Master Age special Raid Mode ◈

- The undead legion of dragon have noticed the power of artifacts and have come through the portal to steal them.
- Tap to use all the blade heroes you have to defeat the dragons!
- Tap to collect the newly updated hero, "Dyke" the Beast of oldest monster hunter generations, by collecting Dragon's Blood.
- Raid mode will be updated biweekly with new mechanics!
- Remember each shadow sword fighter hero has its unique sets of combo attacks.

Feel the rage of monster hunter generations, develop your skills like the legendary shadow warriors and become the ultimate sword master. Hold onto your super sword and defeat all the war crafted league fighter monsters.

Free download Combo Heroes- Blade Master Age on google play store. If you like our knight vs monster sword fighting game than please take a moment to rate it. Your honest feed backs help us make things better.


Combo Heroes: Blade Master Age  [HACK Massive Damage] v 1.3.0


Combo Heroes: Blade Master Age  [HACK Massive Damage] v 1.3.0


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