Hotel Island: Paradise Story [HACK Money] v 39.0.1

Author: Enot
Category: Casual
Weight: 40 mb
Android version: 2.3.x

Talking about dreams ?, what most of people would like to achieve is running a successful business in a small Paradise ?; an amazing Island with a beautiful climate ?, palms ?, the sea ?, smiling people and make money! Is this your dream as well? Have you ever been in one of these amazing places? Running a Hotel is not the easiest job on earth; you need some training, my friend ;)

That's why we created this outstanding hotel simulator, one of the best hotel management games you can find online! Outstanding software, amazing graphics, extraordinary dash theme; managing, building and expanding your business will be your goals. The game is very intuitive and easy to learn; just start playing and we will guide you step by step into this amazing new adventure.

? ? ? Are you ready to start? Your guests are already waiting for you! Download NOW: Hotel Island - Paradise Story for FREE on Google Play Store!!! ? ? ?

? Building a city is not a goal that everyone can achieve; do you think you have the skills? Are you ready for the challenge? Just listen to this story and let's see what you think about it ?

“Exciting times await us all! We are building the greatest dream city story in Hotel Island.
Mr Bugs and friends destroyed the once famous Paradise Hotel! Our paradise Hotel Island in the city is burning down. Oh no, look the bugs friends are stealing all blueprints! All hopes of rebuilding a City and Safari Island Paradise is gone. A sad day for all employees. As the builders were cleaning up underneath the rubble they found one blueprint. Everyone was so happy that they started to rebuild the city.”

Sometimes you don't need much to start a new adventure; just a little fire, like a click and dash, inspiration and will! Now you have your chance, it's your turn and it's going to be great and exciting:

? ? ? Download NOW: Hotel Island - Paradise Story for FREE on Google Play Store!!! ? ? ?

This outstanding Resort Simulator has some unique feature you will be able to enjoy:
⛵️ Design, decorate and run your own dream island resort!
⛵️ Discover hot new room styles!
⛵️ Accommodate hotel guests from all over the world and make them happy!
⛵️ Great soundtrack
⛵️ Incredible Graphics

Also, check out these FREE bonus features!
⛲️ PLAY OFFLINE: No internet connection required
⛲️ 2 FREE exciting Mini Games to explore!
⛲️ DISCOVER and COLLECT hot new room styles
⛲️ DECORATE your Hotel with TONS of fantastic decorations!
⛲️ Complete TASKS to earn REWARDS!
⛲️ DAILY FREE GIFTS to send to your friends & family!
⛲️ EXPAND your Hotel Island into a world class holiday resort.

? ? ? See you in the game - and don't forget to visit your friends’ hotels too! Come and Join us NOW: Download NOW: Hotel Island - Paradise Story for FREE on Google Play Store!!! ? ? ?


Hotel Island: Paradise Story [HACK Money] v 39.0.1


Hotel Island: Paradise Story [HACK Money] v 39.0.1


Download Hotel Island: Paradise Story for Android:

Download: Hacked version

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