Nuclear USA Database [HACK Free] v 3.1

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Category: Educational
Weight: 20 mb
Android version: 2.3.x

The world's MOST COMPREHENSIVE nuclear bomb app. See where they detonated, their craters, the yield, destruction estimations, and much more. This app contains all 1127 US nuclear weapon detonations from the last 68 years. Also included are locations of all underground missile silos, nuclear power plants, nuclear military bases, and 18 hours of authentic public awareness videos made by the US army. You won't find anything like it on the internet, in books or any other app!! Not even the National Atomic Testing Museum in Nevada has this amount of information on show.

* All 1127 nuclear bombs tested by the United States across their 57 military operations.
* All 64 active nuclear power plants in the USA.
* All 450 active underground Minuteman III missile silos and their 45 control centers
* All 19 nuclear military bases and their nuclear stockpile
* 101 radioactive isotopes!

Drop bombs
* Drop your own bombs to see their destructive power.
* See the shock wave travel in REAL TIME across the map.
* Death and destruction estimations.
* Select from history´s favourites such as the Trident II launched from nuclear submarines.

Statistics & Trivia
* Search for bombs that exploded on your birthday.
* Detonate every bomb to see its size.
* View bomb yield conversions into TNT, Dynamite and Pure energy.
* Automatically calculate distance between you and any detonation.
* 24 entertaining trivia categories with listings of the biggest bombs, bombs with the funniest names, nukes shot into space, etc.
* Find your nearest bomb site.
* 25 beautifully detailed infographics. Depicting 57 United States military operations, schematics for the original Minuteman I, the depths of every underground nuclear blast, total cumulative blast yields per year, size of earthquakes triggered by blasts, etc.

Radioactive Decay & Shielding
* Calculate how fast 101 different radioactive isotopes decay into thin air.
* Calculate the thickness of your shielding in order to stay safe
* Choose from Lead, Iron, Aluminium, Water or Concrete

The data
* All 1127 US nuclear bombs test
* All 57 nuclear military operations
* Name of bomb
* Designated military operation
* Close-ups of every bomb crater
* Icons show if dropped from planes, shot into space, etc.
* Yield (kiloton & megaton ranges)
* Yield equivalent in TNT, Joules and Dynamite
* Date & time of explosion
* Name of test site
* Borehole designation
* Earthquake readings
* Height or depth of explosion
* Purpose for the test
* Sponsors of the test
* Coordinates
* Distance from your position
* etc.

Bonus Material
* 27 authentic public awareness videos from the US military from the 50's, 60's and 70's (approx. 12 hours of footage).
* In-depth Wikipedia highlights on Nagasaki & Hiroshima, weapons design, non-proliferation treaties, the Manhattan project, and much more.
* Just to be clear; this bonus material is freely available on the internet. We've just made it easy to access. It's only a small part of this app, so don't worry we´re not trying to cheat you.

* No other app, website, museum or book has this amount of individual nuclear detail!
* Video playback requires free standalone YouTube app (automatically installed if necessary)
* Viewing bomb craters and satellite images requires an internet connection.


Nuclear USA Database [HACK Free] v 3.1


Nuclear USA Database [HACK Free] v 3.1


Nuclear USA Database [HACK Free] v 3.1


Nuclear USA Database [HACK Free] v 3.1


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