2016 most exciting ARPG "The Princess and THE DEVIL", recommended by over 10 million players!!
Play now and receive awesomely and cool Blood Tiger mount on the third day.
Wait, there's more~! Login for 7 days to get fabulous rewards!!

● 300+ Unique Exciting Dungeons!
More than 300 dungeons, Oscar-level and multi-stroy daily copy of the task, rich gameplay completely get rid of boring checkpoints.

● PVP and Boss Raids! 
Easy to operate, gorgeous release your skills, operation is the key to the game! See who is not pleasing to the eye, singled out the fight directly to him, Come with me for a showdown!

● Mounts and Pets galore!
You can choose any cute pets - to accompany all the time around you,not only make you happy, but also help you fight with monsters!Cool mounts help you travel faster!

● Personalize your heroes!
Over 20 kinds of fashions in the closet for you to choose!Get ready for being stunning!You will be a real fashionista! Variety fashion, gorgeous wings, funny mounts, just show your style!

●Will You Marry Me? Quirky & Rich Social Features!
If you feel lonely, use the shake feature to find other singles players to make a date, become a couple! love and get marriage, it is not a dream! Come and experience it yourself!


The Princess and THE DEVIL [HACK God mode/No skill cd/Unlimited mana] v 1.0.7


The Princess and THE DEVIL [HACK God mode/No skill cd/Unlimited mana] v 1.0.7


Download The Princess and THE DEVIL for Android:

Download: Hacked version

Download from Google Play

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