Leashed Soul - Beydo's Story [HACK Free/Unlocked] v 1.4

Author: Enot
Category: Puzzle
Weight: 99 mb
Android version: 4.1.x

It’s a TRICKY LOGIC-PUZZLE game that CHALLENGES YOUR MIND AND DELIGHT YOUR SENSES. HELP BEYDO TO SAVE LIFE, AND PLANT AS MANY TREES AS POSSIBLE. YOU SHOULD FIGURE OUT THE WAYS HOW TO HOLDING THE TRAPPED SEEDS. Saving the Earth isn’t so easy!***Our team created an immersive logic game with a heart-warming story, unique style with smooth controls to bring an epic experience for everyone. Players help Beydo in his adventure, they need to swipe through the levels while solving puzzles and rebuild everything that Beydo lost. After the players completed all levels of the game, could discover Beydo’s guest hopefully with happy end. PLAYERS CAN EXPERIENCE ALL LEVELS OF FEELINGS, will be depressed in the dark winter, and will feel happy with the rebirth of nature in spring.

The Story of Beydo

Once upon a time Beydo, the boy – who is a wooden doll – got a gift from Mother Nature. He’s got the best gift that a wooden doll can get. The gift of a real life... When he realized that he lives, he started a quest. His quest was to give as many life as he could give during his short life….and this is the point where the story begins....

Our game, Leashed Soul is a strange combination of the popular puzzle games, with emotional power and narrative gameplay. We were inspired by Pinocchio but CREATED UNIQUE CHARACTER, STORY AND GAMEPLAY.

„Leashed Soul is a great looking adventure puzzle game” - DroidGamers

„Pinocchio’s most beautiful adventures displayed in Leashed Soul” - Mobil Gamer


- EMOTIONAL BACKGROUND STORY, with plant-a-tree mission
- heartwarming character, named Beydo
- adventure puzzle structure that challenges your mind
- deep and addictive gameplay with collectable items
- hand-crafted 50 levels
- smooth animations and FXs
- BEAUTIFUL ART STYLE, realistic physic on the trees and the elements of the levels
- Interesting items: changing seasons, valves, slippery ice, flying blocks etc. – these elements are the keys of the gameplay
- relaxing themes and music
- No IAP, no monetization, no currencies


Leashed Soul - Beydo's Story  [HACK Free/Unlocked] v 1.4


Leashed Soul - Beydo's Story  [HACK Free/Unlocked] v 1.4


Download Leashed Soul - Beydo's Story for Android:

Download: Hacked version

Download from Google Play

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