Oh Sheep - Clicker Game! [HACK Money] v 1.0.4

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade / Simulation
Weight: 42 mb
Android version: 4.0.x

Clone sheep, build shearing centers, tackle shipping lobbies and perform advanced researches to help the world fight the cold in this entertaining blend of the Simulation and the Incremental (CLICKER) genre.

With the approaching superlative winter prophesied in mythologies for centuries and now proven by science as a phenomena known as reverse ice age, governments and big corporations all around the world are looking for ways to fight off the impending extremity. You being a shrewd businessman, Err, anthropologist, take it upon your shoulders to help the world through the finest and most scientifically advanced forms of wool ever known to the human kind.

Level up your farm as you continue breaking new grounds in your quest to make this world a warmer place *wink wink*. Tackle with ever-growing demands by systematically planning investments and returns on your ambitious farm. Or enjoy your journey to world rescue as you lay back and revel in the simple leisure of watching the sheep herd off to the shearing center.

❄ Casual gameplay with meta depth for the avid gamer
❄ Endearing 3D visuals
❄ Running, woolly, baaing sheep!
❄ Dozens of shearing centers and transports to upgrade
❄ Quirky science upgrades from your research center to take your farm to the next level
❄ A hoard of missions to accompany and mark your progress
❄ A whole new tiered prestige system


Oh Sheep - Clicker Game! [HACK Money] v 1.0.4


Oh Sheep - Clicker Game! [HACK Money] v 1.0.4


Download Oh Sheep - Clicker Game! for Android:

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  1. Felix
    Felix 1 December 2016 23:59
    This says hack money but you dont start with a huge amount of money
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