Pipe Push Paradise [HACK Free/Levels] v 1.0.0

Author: Enot
Category: Puzzle
Weight: 73 mb
Android version: 6.0.x
Pipe Push Paradise is a seriously difficult puzzle game about plumbing.

You've arrived on a lonely island faced with a hero's calling. The island's plumber has been out of commission for a while and the residents are counting on you to get the water running again. They could all really use a shower.

In order to help, you'll need to push, flip and roll pipes all across the island in some of the most challenging puzzles out there! The minimalist tile-based gameplay is super simple but the puzzles are anything but, each offering a unique idea and problem to solve, and filled with surprises and new mechanics.

With an art style that wouldn't look out of place in a dusty old travel guide to Puerto Rico and a relaxing bossa nova guitar soundtrack, Pipe Push Paradise is bound to satisfy any serious puzzle lover.

Rise to the occasion and restore this paradise to its former glory!

Pipe Push Paradise [HACK Free/Levels] v 1.0.0
Pipe Push Paradise [HACK Free/Levels] v 1.0.0
Pipe Push Paradise [HACK Free/Levels] v 1.0.0

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