Magic vs Monster [HACK Money] v 1.04

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 49 mb
Android version: 4.4.x
🔮🔮Magic VS Monster is a cute pinball arcade game. In the game, you crush various monsters as a magician! Use your wand, release mystic powers, and combine with various pinball skills to regain land, protect homeland, and prevent invasion from the Ghost Knights!

💡How to play?
🔮-Click and slide magic pinball to aim at monsters
🔮-Launch the magic pinball after selecting the best angle
🔮-Use your exclusive skill to destroy monsters by a critical strike
🔮-Complete stage with full stars and get rewards to collect more resources!

🎊How to win?
💎-Select a best angle to bounce as many times as possible to crush the monsters
💎-The more times the magic ball bounces, the more damage it causes to monsters, and you will also receive a high combo reward
💎-Upgrade skills to make yourself powerful
💎-Unlock advanced characters to get more powerful magic power

❤️The reasons that you fall in love with Magic VS Monster
🍀-A free arcade game that exercises your brain
🍀-Hundreds of ingeniously designed stages and different kinds of monsters are waiting for you to explore
🍀-Great graphics and cool special effects of skills
🍀-Best time killer
🍀-Play it anywhere
🍀-Three different characters Arcane, Flame and Lighting bring you different magic power experience

You are a magician with magic power in Magic VS Monster, you need to drive the monster army out of your homeland. Practice your pinball ability, upgrade magic skills, crush monsters all, and protect your homeland, become the magic master! You will fight against various powerful monsters in different maps, Will Mountains, Mystical Valley, Lava Land etc. Keep an eye on their fighting style and adjust your launch strategy so that you can get victory successfully. Also pay attention to your magic barrier in battle, that is your last fortress!

We will add more characters in the game and enrich your magician career, if you have any ideas, please feedback us at any time!

Magic vs Monster [HACK Money] v 1.04
Magic vs Monster [HACK Money] v 1.04

Download Magic vs Monster for Android:

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