Potato war: Tower defense [HACK Money/Stars] v

Author: Enot
Category: Strategy
Weight: 41 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
🥔 Time and place of action - Ancient Russia.
🥔 Genre - Medieval real-time strategy.

Immerse yourself in the world of Slavic folk tales. You will experience exciting medieval battles and monsters made out of clay. Train your soldiers and defend against enemy attacks! Get acquainted with the plot and find a way to destroy all evil! And even learn the role played by the potato in this story.

This "wall to wall" fully plasticine game will surprise you with its unusual graphics. Using the best cartoons such as "Plasticine Crow" and "Last Year's Snow Was Falling." If you like clay cartoons or plasticine games, then this game is for you.

🥔 Plasticine graphics
🥔 8 types of units with unique abilities
🥔 More than30 types of enemies
🥔 3 types of magic
🥔 99 challenging levels
🥔 Hardcore
🥔 Original story line

This indie game was inspired by Russian folk tales, but a twisted fantasy brought about many changes. This game features an alternative history of the Slavs living in a fantasy world. But before you start you should know that this is a very difficult game, and less than 1% of the players are able to get to level 99. Perhaps this is the most challenging offline game for Android in its genre. For many, this game is impossible. Prove that you're not one of them! Most importantly, don't believe in evil and you will be able to defeat it! Play without help from others and prove that you're the best!

If you're looking for cool games on Android, this game is for you; many YouTube channels have named it one of the top games for Android.

Many players enjoy the humor in our game. If you enjoy very funny games about knights, Potato War is for you. We've made the characters of our game fun, with terrible and at the same time funny monsters with no less funny names.

This is the best time killer of its kind, and the best in the indie genre.

Among other things you will experience exciting fights, monsters, medieval battles, magic, heroes, adventures, castle defense, wall to wall duels, fairy tale characters, and great fun.

In this game, strategy is very important. And as a tactical game, like any war strategy, it requires much intellect.
You can download the game for free and play offline without internet connection.

The main objective of the game is to protect the fortress. Therefore, if you like offline tower or base defense games, you can easily install this game for free.

If you are looking for offline medieval strategy games, then try this cool game. This is the best game to play in the bathroom or on the subway.

Do you like "Tower Defense" or "Wall to Wall" genre games? If so, this game is for you! You will have to carefully calculate every action. Tactics, as well as strategy, are very important in this game.

"Tower vs. Tower" and "Wall to Wall" games typically require quick thinking and coordination. And this game is no exception!

Those who have older versions of Androids should download this game which doesn't take up much space and can be played without an internet connection. Especially as this game is the best in the "games for old phones" category.

Is your device low on memory? Games often too big? Install our game as it doesn't take up much space at all and is among the leaders in the "games that don't take up much memory" category.

If you like epic games, then this game is for you. Russian soldiers are very cool 🔥

Potato war: Tower defense [HACK Money/Stars] v
Potato war: Tower defense [HACK Money/Stars] v
Potato war: Tower defense [HACK Money/Stars] v
Potato war: Tower defense [HACK Money/Stars] v
Potato war: Tower defense [HACK Money/Stars] v
Potato war: Tower defense [HACK Money/Stars] v

Download Potato war: Tower defense for Android:

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