Cube Defender [HACK Free/Money] v 1.0.0

Author: Enot
Category: Strategy
Weight: 37 mb
Android version: 4.4.x
Cube Defender is a minimalistic, addictive and fast paced tower defense game.

Defeat waves of cube enemies on a continuously expanding game map. Each round you battle a series of diverse cube adversaries, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and skills. After beating each wave, the map expands in a dynamic direction, creating a larger and more hectic battle as you build towers to destroy the incoming cube horde.


- Multiple turrets to build, each of which have their own strengths, weaknesses and skills. Build the right turrets to take on the right enemies

- Fast paced tower defense game play. Build turrets across a continually expanding map

- Each game is different with procedually generated game maps / levels. Start off at the begining and expand outwards, taking on more complex layouts as the game progresses
Upgrade your turrets to increase your cube smashing power.

- Each turret can be upgraded, picking up new skills, abilities and improving their effectiveness

- Multiple difficulties with unique game play mechanics and adjustments to suit multiple levels of skill

- Strategic planning required to build the right turrets for the right job. With a cap on turrets, you'll have to upgrade, sell and re-build your turrets for the ever expanding map

Cube Defender [HACK Free/Money] v 1.0.0
Cube Defender [HACK Free/Money] v 1.0.0
Cube Defender [HACK Free/Money] v 1.0.0
Cube Defender [HACK Free/Money] v 1.0.0
Cube Defender [HACK Free/Money] v 1.0.0
Cube Defender [HACK Free/Money] v 1.0.0

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