Ninja Go!: Oreo Brothers [HACK Oreo] v 1.3.2

Author: Enot
Category: Casual
Weight: 27 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
Wow, has anyone ever knew that Ninja brothers love oreo so much?
Ninja brothers will jump endlessly to get more oreo.
Be careful though! Clouds are pretty strong, ninja brothers don't have skills to go through clouds.

- Unique and special ninja brothers
Nobody has seen these unique ninjas who love oreo so much!
It will be a nightmare for them not to get any oreo. Ninja bros dream about oreo all the time.
Let's jump high up to get oreo. Don't forget, ninja bros can't go through clouds!

- Get new belt to be a sensei ninja
Various belts are waiting for experienced ninjas! From white belts to red and black belts.
Higher floors a ninja goes up and become a sensei ninja, more ninjas will follow the sensei ninja along the journey.
Become a sensei ninja! Doesn't it sound cool?

Our new game, Ninja Go! will definitely wow you. Ninja go offers oreo fantasy world to ninjas.
Depending on gamer's skills, ninjas will be happy in the fantasy world or they will be living in the nightmares.
Fantasy world or nightmare, it's up to players.

Ninja Go!: Oreo Brothers [HACK Oreo] v 1.3.2
Ninja Go!: Oreo Brothers [HACK Oreo] v 1.3.2

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