Driving Car Simulator [HACK Money] v 2.0

Author: Enot
Category: Simulation
Weight: 50 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
Every day you see a dream about how to drive a car? All childhood play with toy cars, and know by heart how they work, but never managed a real car? As soon as you get right, the parents promised to buy you a car? Then the application Driving Car Simulator especially for you! With its help you learn to drive a car for real. Download the game, choose your favorite booth, turn the ignition key, click on the gas and go on a journey. Do not forget to slow down at corners and crosswalks - safety first! Turn on the turn signals, the signals are violators of traffic rules, you admire the surrounding countryside. Feel the cool self-control car. Brag to friends and parents, how much progress you have achieved in driving.

ATTENTION! Driving Car Simulator - a game and not a real instructor to teach driving.

Driving Car Simulator [HACK Money] v 2.0
Driving Car Simulator [HACK Money] v 2.0
Driving Car Simulator [HACK Money] v 2.0
Driving Car Simulator [HACK Money] v 2.0

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