Black Castle Dungeons [HACK Full] v 2.1

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 50 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
Sit back with a cup of hot tea and get ready to leisurely enjoy the atmosphere of the dark and mysterious fantasy world. After an adventure does not tolerate fuss.

This unusual book in an interactive narrative format will allow you to build a personal storyline, fight, cast spells, make decisions, and ultimately affect what the story will end. For those who "Dungeons" familiar from childhood, favorite book, the game will open up new dimensions and will plunge into the distant magical time, when we were little. For those who have heard about the "Dungeons" for the first time, but it always had a thirst for adventure and role-playing games, will be a unique experience, first discovered a mysterious universe Elgariola.

Key features of the game:
• Colorful illustrations that tell about the secrets of the Black Castle.
• Music that changes with the plot twists.
• Adventure with a lot of dangers and pitfalls.
• Dynamic fights where there is a place not only the sword, but also magic.
• Google Play Achievements for extreme endurance tests.

HD-graphics with support for all device types. It does not contain in-game purchases - the entire game universe all at once in your hands.

Black Castle Dungeons [HACK Full] v 2.1
Black Castle Dungeons [HACK Full] v 2.1

Download Black Castle Dungeons for Android:

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