Showa Candy Shop 2 [HACK Money] 1.2.0

Author: Enot
Category: Adventure
Weight: 64 mb
Android version: 4.2.x
Back by popular demand! The sequel to Showa Candy Shop!

Experience nostalgia with a Japanese twist in this moving game.
Uncover the story of a small, old-fashioned candy shop in rural
Japan with this leisurely game. Raise the reputation of your tiny
shop, and build a collection of retro Japanese toys!
Collect amusing snacks and toys such as Yoogurt, a Glowing
Skeleton, and the Pickled Plum as you discover the things
that brought a smile to the face of every little boy and girl in Japan!

The story unfolds bit by bit with every item you collect, and is sure
to keep you playing until the very end! We have also added a
(completely free!) capsule toy machine that we think you'll find just
as pointless as any you've ever tried—but you won't be able to stop!

So come on in!
This little candy shop just received a huge shipment of junk, and
somebody's got to buy it!
Did we say "buy"? Don't worry, we won't charge you a single cent
for any of it. Check back each day to play through the entire story
free of charge! The candy shop is always open, waiting for you
to stop by for a refreshing snack!

■The Story
Welcome to an inconspicuous street corner in Showa-era Japan.
All of Tokyo is positively buzzing ahead of the 1960 Olympics,
but this little nook is home to an unassuming candy shop run by
a sweet, unassuming old woman.

As yet another day comes to a close, she watches the setting sun
bathe Tokyo Tower in a soft glow and reflects.
A lot happened today—some of it good, and some of it not.
Join this sweet old woman on her journey, and experience a bygone era.
A lone trumpet scores the sunset as she writes a letter...but to who?

Marbles, Balls, and Balloons...
Gooey Candies, Seasoned Seaweed, and Kaleidoscopes...
These are halcyon days.
No smartphones, no internet distractions. Just peace, solitude,
and a summer break that stretches out endlessly before you.
This is the exceptional story of an ordinary old woman.

■How to Play
・Use the money you receive from customers to improve your store.
・See if you can collect all the items in the Catalog!
・Experience the entirety of the game's story!
・Use special tokens to spin the capsule toy machine—try to collect them all!

Basic Rules
1. Stock your store.
2. All the neighborhood children will stop by the shop.
3. Tap or swipe the children to collect their money.
4. Use the money you collect to upgrade the shop in the Shop Menu.
5. Upgrade your shop to unlock new merchandise!
6. New merchandise attracts new customers.
7. Fill up your catalog by attracting a variety of customers!
Repeat steps 1-4 to earn money even faster. More money means more upgrades!
Keep playing until you've completed your collection and finished the story!

Different Days, Different Customers
Some customers may only appear on certain days.
Check the Catalog to see which customers appear on which days,
and check in on the shop every so often to see what day it is!
And remember, the days of the week don't follow the real world's clock!

Mementos will sometimes appear in the room at the back of the shop.
Collect them to advance the story. And don't forget to check in from
time to time and see what's new!

Spin the capsule toy machine and collect simple, useless toys.
The toys you get vary from day to day. You will get duplicates,
but don't let that get you down!
The capsule toy machine only takes special tokens.
Earn these tokens by collecting mementos or completing other tasks.
Jeff Wilson
Gavin Greene

Showa Candy Shop 2 [HACK Money] 1.2.0
Showa Candy Shop 2 [HACK Money] 1.2.0

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