Hard Carry Overlord [MOD: Money] v 0.22

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 24 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
Welcome. My lord.
You are King Destroius the second, the Guardian of the monster kingdom, and the overlord of horror.
Now, your kingdom has became devastated by continuous invasion of greedy heros, who want fame and treasure.
Furthermore, this mean and merciless raiders ruined your most precious 'thing' also.
Your patience is burned out finally.
It's time to show them the real lesson, with your big and beautiful fist!

Every punch to enemy, you get a combo score that muliply your Exp. and money.
Every game play, you can pick optimized skills, to blow enemies over.
And various equipments upgrade your ablity and skill also.
But, Be aware that enemies became stronger, you go further.z
Try and enjoy this dynamic rogue-like runner game.
Feel the crisp fun of destruction!

If you get all items belonging a specific set, Set item effects will be activated automatically though you not equip the items.
You can upgrade skills many times while game playing, and skill will be dramatically evolved, when it reaches a specific level.

Hard Carry Overlord [MOD: Money] v 0.22
Hard Carry Overlord [MOD: Money] v 0.22

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