Abduct.io [HACK Milk] 1.0.2

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 67 mb
Android version: 4.2.x
Contents of the Game
Your UFO can take away people or buildings on the earth.
You can shoot off them, and attack the others' UFO and people on the earth with them.
When the others' UFO and people on the earth lose their HP, they explode!
And then a large amount of ORB appear.
This is the chance! Let's absorb ORB!
(ORB is like a ball of light. You can find ORB by attacking the rivals.)
Level up! Your UFO can get a lot of points by absorbing ORB, and you will raise your level.
Your UFO gradually grows up, and then your big UFO will be able to do various things which are
impossible to do for your small UFO.
You can raise your level by taking away something on the earth, but the speed of raising UFO's level
by absorbing ORB is faster than that.
Let's break as many things as possible!
This is the best way to raise your UFO's level!!
The others' UFO are various sizes.
Sometimes a large number of UFO will attack your UFO from the sky.
Let's knock down them by cooperating with the others' UFO!
You can enjoy "Abduct.io" in various ways, except a simple match.
You can enjoy this game infinitely!
Please enjoy your own "Abduct.io"!!
How to play
START: Tap "START" on the title screen.
ATTACK: Tap the middle of screen.
MOVE (RIGHT/LEFT): Tap any direction you want to move.
QUICK MOVE: Tap twice any direction you want to move (Double tap).

Abduct.io [HACK Milk] 1.0.2
Abduct.io [HACK Milk] 1.0.2
Abduct.io [HACK Milk] 1.0.2

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