Axe Clicker [MOD: Money] v 1.0.142

Author: Enot
Category: Casual
Weight: 68 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
The angriest axe clicker on the store!

Step in the boots of Oswald, the angry dwarf, and start chopping and cutting down all sort of things!

Are you brave enough? Strong enough? Is your axe already sharp? Axe is your best friend, so sharpen it gently. Earn enough money to become a dwarf billionaire

Learn how to chop big trees, upgrade and forge new axes, and chop even bigger trees. Chop everything, nothing stands in your way! Easy and simple to play, the more you chop - stronger you get! Get more experience and confront stronger obstacles. ⭐️

Once upon a time, there was a dwarf named Oswald. He had an axe, so powerful, so beautiful, that he was the proudest dwarf alive.

And then something terrible happened. His axe was stolen! Oswald became the angriest dwarf on the planet and swore to chop down everything that was taller than him - which is basically everything. He will stop at nothing, he will destroy trees, towers, landmarks,... Everything!

From that time on, he became known as Oswald - the angriest dwarf in the world.

● Easy to chop, hard to stop
● Use magic potions to chop even faster
● Earn money even when not playing
● Confront awesome different enemies
● Unlock cool achievements for your hard work
● Upgrade Oswald’s skill
● Forge completely new and powerful axes
● Get ready to chop everything, prepare to be surprised
● Explore waste map with beautifull locations
● Collect coins for every chop

Let’s start chopping, clicking, tapping and cutting!

Axe Clicker [MOD: Money] v 1.0.142
Axe Clicker [MOD: Money] v 1.0.142
Axe Clicker [MOD: Money] v 1.0.142
Axe Clicker [MOD: Money] v 1.0.142
Axe Clicker [MOD: Money] v 1.0.142
Axe Clicker [MOD: Money] v 1.0.142
Axe Clicker [MOD: Money] v 1.0.142
Axe Clicker [MOD: Money] v 1.0.142

Download Axe Clicker for Android:

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