Black Blood Breake [HACK Free Shopping] 0.64

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 76 mb
Android version: 2.2.x
◆An exhilarating and easy to play hack-and-slash action game! Mow down the enemies as they fill up the screen!
Enjoy the exhilaration of mowing down a whole group of enemies with a single tap! Easy operation for a pleasant experience!
Explore the dungeons, teeming with monsters to knock down as they come at the player with a variety of attacks!
※Please check the recommended devices to best enjoy this game.

◆Game Introduction◆
・Explore the dungeons and collect items!
The game's setting is composed of several linked rooms, making up dungeons.
Explore the dungeons, defeating the monsters that attack when you enter a room, as you head for the boss at the deepest part of the dungeon.
※New dungeons to explore will be added after the official release.
・Endeavor into the deep arena dungeons where powerful monsters lurk!
There is a mode for mowing down attacking monsters one after the other.
The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat the last boss in the deepest part of the Deep Arena.
※The last boss does not appear in this beta version.
・Flashy action you can enjoy with one hand!
Move around with a virtual joystick and attack simply by tapping. Automatic recovery lets you focus on the battle action!

・Playable both vertically and horizontally! Choose the style you prefer!
You can play with the screen held either vertically or horizontally! You can reorient the screen in real time, letting you play however you like!

・Strengthen the player!
Items found in the dungeons and Deep Arena can be used to strengthen the player.
By using the weapons and armor you find, you can challenge even stronger monsters!

ATTENTION ● How to save play data
Data is automatically saved.
Because of this, if the application is forcibly shut down there is a possibility that the data will not save correctly.
When closing the application, use the back button on the Home menu to close it.

【recommended devices】
Android 5.0 or higher
CPU Snapdragon625 or higher
memory 2GB or higher
※ If the character is black display, sorry at present will not support the terminal.

Black Blood Breake [HACK Free Shopping] 0.64
Black Blood Breake [HACK Free Shopping] 0.64
Black Blood Breake [HACK Free Shopping] 0.64
Black Blood Breake [HACK Free Shopping] 0.64
Black Blood Breake [HACK Free Shopping] 0.64

Download Black Blood Breake for Android:

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