The official version Igrologii and Mosigry.

Explain to each other word in this game is much more fun than trying to prove policeman gestures his sobriety. And given the fact that in the new version of the "Crocodile" came the task of the new format, any party with this game promises to be very active, busy and memorable. Try, for example, draw, who is Kazemir Malevich so that your partner understand. You think square you much help?

They bring a crocodile road

Very cheerful and friendly game on the road. And if you are traveling on a train or a bus, you can still use and travel - at the Crocodile can play 20 players at the same time!
The app itself is able to count points and determine the winner. Timer countdown is also built into the app, so you do not need any clock or handle with leaf. Download the app and play!

And still, this game is perfect for a birthday, New Year corporate parties, prom, or indeed any holiday.

assignments sea!

The game tasks 6500. Three different types. Maps "show" - respectively, to show gestures; "Draw" - you're trying to draw words per minute, and "explain" - explain synonymous.
Words have the overall theme, and there are thematic sets: "DetskoLogky", "KinoKnizhny", "IstorikoZanyatny", "Round the World".

Crocodile different from other games in the explanation of the words

Still, he's a Russian folk! To start the game you need to gather in one place at least three of them. Tasks are divided into three types:

* Explain the word gestures
* Explain the words of others in words, but without the same root,
* Draw a word on paper, in silence.

Similar games: alias (alias), Activiti (activity), boom, day leaders, ruff, pantomime, charades.

What's in the catalog?

45 words are in the application immediately, but still more than 6 thousand can buy a set or a monthly subscription for 75 rubles.
By the way, you can try a subscription for a week for free!

Subscription is automatically renewed until canceled by the user. subscription management and its cancellation are carried out in the account settings. Details -

Dear players, if you have problems with your shopping or buying suddenly disappeared, use the 'refresh' button, which is located in the Preferences folder. Also, you can always use the feedback form with the developers of the app or directly from the convenience store, and we will try to help you as soon as possible.
Thank you for being with us, and enjoyable game in the company of best friends!

Crocodile - a game for the company of friends [MOD: Unlocked /Bought Packs] v 2.0.8
Crocodile - a game for the company of friends [MOD: Unlocked /Bought Packs] v 2.0.8

Download Crocodile - a game for the company of friends for Android:

Download from Google Play
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