Super Robot Warrior War Squad [MOD Money] v 1.0

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 53 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
Collide with battle mech enemymonsterprototype robots in this free to play first person shooterFPSfuturistic robots gun shooting battle game. A game that’ll makeyoufall in love with futuristic sci-fi gun shooter & robotsgenre.With extensive 3D environment & a lot of missions full ofguns,lasers, canons & missile shooting action this game willchangehow you look at mobile games. Play the role of a steel ironorerobot on a special ops mission to rescue fellow spy robotsfromenemy in this action filled thrilling gun shooting game. Youcanexperience futuristic combat fought with modern weapons builtbyhumans to survive in this robots shooting game.

The game is set in future. Humans have built robots to fighttheirwars. Colonies are now floating in sky. You are one of therobotsbuilt by the army military do fight for them in war &performvarious special ops mission. You’ve helped them save yourcity& country before & that is why you are know as the heroofyour city. You were built by a very special iron ore & youarea battle mech that is why military army selected you forthismission. You are no ordinary robot like the other prototypes.Youare the military army has. A special iron ore steel monsterwarrior& a battle mech beast robot. Army military has chosenyou aspecial ops mission. You are expected to infiltrate enemyprototyperobot’s stronghold in order to rescue two of militaryarmy’s spyrobots.
You are being provided with missiles, guns, lasers & canonsofvarious type to help you complete this mission successfully&help military army win this war against the enemyprototyperobots.

Your mission is no game so don’t expect it to be easy. You’ll facealot gun shooting & counter attacks by enemy prototype robotsbutthat shouldn’t be a problem for you as you are a steel ironoremonster warrior, a battle mech beast robot equipped withmodernweapons & guns. So combat the enemy robot prototypesskillfully& strike hard. Shoot swift, aim accurately &don’t allowthe enemy robot prototypes to counter your attacks. It’sa modernwar & you need to win it all costs. Hack into enemy’ssystem,rescue the two spy robots & make it back safely. You aretheshooter military army has so they are depending on yourshootingskills. Your modern weapons & guns are going to helpyou winthis combat. Enemy prototype robots will try to strike byshootingthere modern weapons & guns at you so be ready tocounter theirattacks. You have earned the title of a hero by alwaysperformingyour duty & completing given missions successfully.Now is yourchance to prove that you are the best iron ore steelbattle mechbeast warrior war robot commando & shooter &emerge as asuper hero. Be the hero you city & country deserves& winthis war by successfully completing this mission like atrue superhero.

Features of Super Robot Warrior War Squad:
- Immersive 3D sci-fi futuristic environment
- Futuristic robots to battle
- Sci-fi first person shooter FPS game
- Plenty of action filled missions
- A lot of weapons & guns
- Top-notch graphics & sound effects

Super Robot Warrior War Squad [MOD Money] v 1.0
Super Robot Warrior War Squad [MOD Money] v 1.0
Super Robot Warrior War Squad [MOD Money] v 1.0
Super Robot Warrior War Squad [MOD Money] v 1.0
Super Robot Warrior War Squad [MOD Money] v 1.0

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