Dungeon Raid [HACK Money] v 1.4

Author: Enot
Category: Adventure
Weight: 41 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
Dungeon Raid is a game with all the elements you want from RPG: Survive, treasure hunt and adventure! Download it for free!

At deep south jungle of Asia, an old village exists among the Jade dragon mountains for thousands years. Blessed by the gods of rivers and natural spirit, villagers lived a peaceful and isolated life. Miles away from the civilization, an ancient ruins remains mysterious and solemn.

However, the menace has awakened. Tyrannical devil from the deep dungeon under the ruin opened the gate of death, marched his army into the human world. Rabid and ravenous, they slaughter everything, raided treasures and bring loots back to the maze that devil created in the dungeon.

“Who can save us?!” People are crying for help. You, the young warrior are the only hope to end this cataclysm. It is time to step down to the darkness, treasure hunt in the dungeon and vanquish the evil!

The Dungeon Raid is filled with colossal monsters and treasures from all over the world. To become stronger, you need to gather items and level up, turn fine equipments into gold. The deeper you go, the closer you are to the insidious devil. Whoever met him have never be seen again.

How far can you descent? How long can you survive? Is this a journey for treasure hunt or a game for survivalal?

Dungeon Raid-Treasure Hunt Features:
3D RPG roglike game with great story.
100 randomly-generated floors of treasure boxes, monsters, and minibosses
Over 300 items, gears, runes, and crafting materials
Mid-maze shop, crafting station to buy, sell, and enchant equipment

The upheaval chaos starts from here.
After days and days of searching in darkness,
Will I find the devil and end this cataclysm?

Dungeon Raid [HACK Money] v 1.4
Dungeon Raid [HACK Money] v 1.4
Dungeon Raid [HACK Money] v 1.4

Download Dungeon Raid for Android:

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