We Happy Restaurant [HACK Money] v 2.5.4

Author: Enot
Category: Simulation
Weight: 20 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
A serious, sketchy restaurant simulator, where you get to:

* Run a restaurant with no moral standards.
* Make abominable food yet still attract tons of customers.
* Watch customers develop new bodily features.
* Expand and grow your unholy business operations.

Welcome to We Happy Restaurant Mega Group Inc.. Here you will have an opportunity to run your own restaurant and be a productive, profitable member of the corporate family.

Our mega group's killer product, green essence, is the foundation of our immensely profitable restaurant business. It keeps our customers hungry and always wanting more! With such an incredible weapon at hand, we can save ourselves from the dull effort of improving the food, and really really focus on the difficult part that is not doing anything! Too good to be true? Join us now, and find out for yourself!

We Happy Restaurant [HACK Money] v 2.5.4
We Happy Restaurant [HACK Money] v 2.5.4
We Happy Restaurant [HACK Money] v 2.5.4
We Happy Restaurant [HACK Money] v 2.5.4
We Happy Restaurant [HACK Money] v 2.5.4

Download We Happy Restaurant for Android:

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