The Legend of Faty [HACK Free/Money] v 2.1

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 476 mb
Android version: 5.0.x
The Legend of Faty is a cartoon-style and open world game.

After the War of the Devil, the world has entered a period of peace. It's said that the world will be changed soon by someone, but no one knows how it will change.

You are going to be the one who will change the world. It's almost impossible to achieve victory by yourself. You need to invite neutral beings to be your allies. They will give you great help. But, they will also share a lot of your money and experience.


Totally open and free world, you can attack everyone in this game, you can also invite every neutral being to be you ally.

Rich in goods and weapons. Each has its special feature.

Rich in spells. Including kinds of damage, recovery, summon and so on.

There are 6 main races in this game. You can join one of them and get additional ability.

You can achieve victory by 7 ways. Including by finishing one race's level 6 mission or by defeating all bosses of 6 races.

The Legend of Faty [HACK Free/Money] v 2.1
The Legend of Faty [HACK Free/Money] v 2.1
The Legend of Faty [HACK Free/Money] v 2.1
The Legend of Faty [HACK Free/Money] v 2.1
The Legend of Faty [HACK Free/Money] v 2.1
The Legend of Faty [HACK Free/Money] v 2.1

Download The Legend of Faty for Android:

Download from Google Play
How to Install the APK Expansion File (*.obb File)
1. Firstly, Download APK file of the app The Legend of Faty [HACK Free/Money] v 2.1 for your Android device.
2. Copy the APK file to your Android device's SD card and don't install it.
3. Download Obb file with folder from our website and copy into the required location:
For example it is install obb file for CSR Racing:
4. Now install APK file and play

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