Snail [HACK Money] v 1.0.6

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 40 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
New io game on large map with many strategies, skins (premium and veteran) and Features (rewards, xp system, missions etc.) . Eat mass of others and be the biggest limax of arena.

You start with a small snail and you can make it much much bigger.
To be bigger eat foots (slow grow) on land or attack others to kill them and eat their dead mass (fast grow).
To attack:
- Slither your snail as snake
- Press speed button and eject your mass to to kill others. Your ejected mass behave like mine. When they hit your ejected mass, they die.
- Eat the mass of dead snails and get bigger fast.

Try survive as much as you can and be the biggest limax of arena.

Some Features:
- 2 game mode: classic mode (survive as much as you can) and rush mode (try to be the best position of leaderboard in 5 munites)
- Daily missions: complete daily missions and earned kid of rewards (golds, boosters etc.)
- Rewards & gifts: you can obtain skins, boosters and golds as free
- XP system: you can upgrade your xp level by playing and you can unlocked veteran skins.

No Lag and no performance problem. Smooth gameplay with this new battlefield game.
You can play everywhere (no matter online or offline).

Form the developer of "needle", "insatia ble io snakes", " brutal", " for" and "" games.

Your reviews are valuable for us in order to improve and update
We are eager to reply your reviews and develop your wishes.

Good Luck !!!

Snail [HACK Money] v 1.0.6
Snail [HACK Money] v 1.0.6
Snail [HACK Money] v 1.0.6
Snail [HACK Money] v 1.0.6
Snail [HACK Money] v 1.0.6

Download Snail for Android:

Download from Google Play

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