Dynasty Dragons: Warriors S·RPG [HACK See in Description] v 1.50.0

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 37 mb
Android version: 4.0.x


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Dynasty Dragons is a 3D Real-Time Strategy RPG mobile game. It is based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Wei, Shu and Wu). In this legendary period, players will hire famous heroes and join a legion to challenge evil monsters and defend your land against the barbarians. Hundreds of famous heroes and epic fingertip operating are specially designed for you to experience this epic heroes’ world!

You are a mysterious traveler from the future…
You will meet new friends, fight against famous heroes in history and help unifying the whole land.
The nine sons of the DRAGON are also helping their chosen heroes to conquer the land!
So recruit powerful DYNASTY WARRIORS, develop your team and join the LEGION to defeat other legions.
You can also challenge the WORLD BOSS and win RICH PRIZE.

Finally, you will fight with the mystery BOSS behind all this, and CONQUER THE LAND!

Smooth skills tapping and epic battle fighting
- Release powerful skills with one tap.
- Skills can cause different types of effect, controls the strongest enemy!
- Summons storms, fireballs, ghost or even phoenix to help fighting!

Hundreds of unique hero abilities, different strategies for you to discover
- Transforms into avatar, covering you allies and releasing the nightmare… collect heroes to see their unique power.
- Use combination skill, dealing massive damages with required heroes.
- Tank, warrior, pioneer, mage, archer. Make good use of your heroes’ type.
- Exclusive ARTIFACT to make your hero a GOD OF WAR!

Interesting challenges everyday
- Daily challenges and weekly challenges gives you rich rewards to build your ideal team.
- Use your strongest team to win in the 1v1 and 3v3 Arena.
- Challenge the DRAGONS and make it fight for you.
- Horse race, treasure hunt, barbarians’ invasion. Waiting for you to beat the record!

Join a legion and fight with other players from all over the world
- Defeat new monsters with your alliesand win honor in your legion!
- Cross-server fight, prove your legion the best!
- Open new legion challenges for you to discover!

SLG gameplay, occupy your target city
- Conquer other city owners and claim it yours!
- Build your own state and prepare your soldiers to fight.
- Collect honor and rewards for owning a new CITY!

Dynasty Dragons: Warriors S·RPG [HACK See in Description] v 1.50.0
Dynasty Dragons: Warriors S·RPG [HACK See in Description] v 1.50.0

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