FukTopia [HACK Free/God Mode] v 2.7

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 56 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
FukTopia is a post apocalyptic beat em up game.

FukTopia is the quintessential beat ‘em up, boasting tons of action and mayhem to beat your score.

In the game, you control Fighters as they travel through environments, clearing the screen of enemies.

Frequently fun and sometimes unforgivingly difficult, FukTopia brings inovation to the beat ‘em up genre with unique features that include shot lasers, and items to pickup to change gameplay. These inovative features to a beat 'em up help to provide some excellent variety beyond kicks and punches.

Score - each player has his score to try as much as possible
Items - each item you collect will give you a unique power or health
Life Time - you have a life time to try to hit your highest score possible
Special Attack - each character has a special attack that goes charging according to the stamina bar

FukTopia [HACK Free/God Mode] v 2.7
FukTopia [HACK Free/God Mode] v 2.7
FukTopia [HACK Free/God Mode] v 2.7
FukTopia [HACK Free/God Mode] v 2.7
FukTopia [HACK Free/God Mode] v 2.7
FukTopia [HACK Free/God Mode] v 2.7

Download FukTopia for Android:

Download from Google Play
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