– Add 50k Coins
– Add 50k Medals
– Add 50k Treats
– Add 50k Seconds to booster
– Add 500 Blue Cards
– Add 500 Pink Cards
– Add 500 Green Cards
– Add 500 Red Cards
– Upgrade last bought dog

Do you love dogs but hate doing homework? Need a silly, dumb game to help pass the time? Let your furry canine friends do all the homework for you! Score millions of A+’s without even lifting a pencil in this all new clicker game. This is a dog pet simulation clicker game / idle game.

Tap on your homework to earn A’s. Once you earn enough A’s, you can adopt new pet dogs that does your homework for you. Use A's to purchase upgrades and level them up. Once you have enough A's, you can buy and upgrade dog toys and add decoration to your bedroom. Unlock new rooms to make new dog breeds available to you. And if you're feeling really brave, you can explore the school grounds, and send your pet dogs to attend dangerous classes that belong to Mathematics, Science, Literature, Arts and Sports!

Your pet dogs also chew your homework even when you're not playing, so you don't need to tap all the time. Just relax, adopt a pet, and let your dogs do their thing. You’ll be a straight A+ student in no time in this idle game! Each dog has its own unique personality and way of dealing with your homework. Explore the various areas beyond your backyard! Unlock new dog breeds and discover all unique ways each dog deals with your homework!

Clicker game features include:

* Tap on screen to generate A's.
* Earn A's even when you're offline/idling.
* Use A's to adopt a pet dog breeds and upgrade.
* Purchase dog toys and other incremental game upgrades at the pet shop.
* Explore new areas to unlock more unique dog breeds.

Tap your way to become an A+ student! Imagine adopting hundreds of dogs as your own pets - enough to amass your very own dog army to do all your homework for you in this dog-themed pet simulation clicker / idle game!

Dogs Vs Homework - Clicker Idle Game [HACK Mod Menu/See in the Description] v 1.0.12
Dogs Vs Homework - Clicker Idle Game [HACK Mod Menu/See in the Description] v 1.0.12

Download Dogs Vs Homework - Clicker Idle Game for Android:

Download from Google Play
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