Army of Soldiers : Worlds War [HACK Energy/Soldiers] v 13

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 44 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
The most epic war game is now available.

Play now to : "Army of Soldiers : Worlds war".
You must defend the earth against invading creatures coming from other worlds.

They have started to invade earth and destroy all human being. The last hope...: the new big canon: ALPHA DESTRUCTOR 1. A powerfull weapon that should destroy the invaders, and end that war... But this weapon is not finished yet.
You must protect ALPHA DESTRUCTOR 1 from the invaders

Lead your units to the final victory. You have a tons of different soldiers available in your army: archer, bazooka bastard, crs, flame thrower, frozen rocketter, rocketter,gold magnet bot, magnet bot, grenadier, rndom grenadier, frozen guinner, gunner, harpoon, jetpack, kamikaze bomber, landing assistant, pilot landing assistant, plasma shield, plateforme navale, minigun, Mr Nuke, Ninja assassin, Nuclear Stink, parachutiste, red crs, rookie torch, ergent camo, sergent camo steel, submarine, swat torch, doberman, mercenary, mad scientist, tnt scientist, zodiac.

Every unit has different characteristics and you have to play wisely to defeat your opponents. Make sure the enemies don’t reach ALPHA DESTRUCTOR 1, or this will be the end of human being…

• Epic battles with a lot a surprises
• Build your defense into an unbeatable fortress
• Collect energy to build units
• Hours of gameplay with over 50 levels
• 3 different maps
• 40 units to unlock
• Compare your score with your friends and Compete against them
• Leaderboard

Army of Soldiers : Worlds War [HACK Energy/Soldiers] v 13
Army of Soldiers : Worlds War [HACK Energy/Soldiers] v 13
Army of Soldiers : Worlds War [HACK Energy/Soldiers] v 13
Army of Soldiers : Worlds War [HACK Energy/Soldiers] v 13
Army of Soldiers : Worlds War [HACK Energy/Soldiers] v 13

Download Army of Soldiers : Worlds War for Android:

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