SWAT Force vs TERRORISTS [HACK Money] v 2

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 31 mb
Android version: 4.2.x
Stop and kill the terrorists before they attack you !
You must defend your position against terrorists hordes.
The most epic SWAT game is now available, and it's 100% free / gratis.


A group of terrorists has planified attacks. Take control of the most powerfull anti-terrorist force : The SWAT force !!!
You lead a team of 2 super well trained soldiers. You have access to a number of powerfull weapons that can stop the ennemy. You can end this threat... But this is going to be an tough battle.
You must protect your position. Whatever happens !

Lead your team to the final victory. You have a tons of different weapons available: gun, machine gun, bazooka, rifle, sniper rifle, kalashnikov, flame thrower, rocket launcher, heavy weapons, shotgun, the big bertha, bombs, barbed wire, mines, sandbags, defense's turret ... and many more...

Every weapon has different characteristics and you have to play wisely to defeat the terrorists. Make sure the enemies don’t pass your defense, or you will die !!!

• Realistic battles
• Build your defense into an unbeatable fortress
• Upgrade your weapons
• Hours of gameplay with over 40 levels
• 60 weapons and bonus to unlock
• Compare your score with your friends and compete against them
• Leaderboard

SWAT Force vs TERRORISTS [HACK Money] v 2
SWAT Force vs TERRORISTS [HACK Money] v 2
SWAT Force vs TERRORISTS [HACK Money] v 2
SWAT Force vs TERRORISTS [HACK Money] v 2
SWAT Force vs TERRORISTS [HACK Money] v 2

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