War of Gods:DESTINED [HACK God Mode] v 1.2.1

Author: Enot
Category: Strategy
Weight: 44 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
A truly epic real-time strategy RPG. PVP vs. friends, guilds, or play the story. Build, train, and upgrade your army. Collect rare cards. Summon powerful Gods, Heroes, and fantasy monsters to win!

War of Gods: DESTINED is a strategy RPG game of epic proportions. Lead and train your army to victory with the GODS as your allies in battle. The way will not be easy. Your challengers are many. Join the legions of players from around the world!

To win the War of Gods, you must:

1. COLLECT and SUMMON the most powerful HEROES and GODS from fantasy and mythology (Thor, Odin, Zeus, Anubis, and Monkey King!)

2. STRATEGY is the key to success. Use the best tactics and off the battlefield (Skill > luck!)

3. EQUIP your army with legendary weapons

4. TRAIN and UPGRADE your army to become unstoppable

5. COMPETE in the global PVP arena get EPIC loot

6. JOIN a powerful GUILD…or create your own clan of heroes

7. BUILD and protect your lands to increase your war chest

8. EXPLORE a gorgeous fantasy world with Gods, heroes, and monsters

9. DOMINATE the leaderboards to become legend

10. RECRUIT your real life friends to aid you in battle

Additional game features:
- Collect, fuse, and upgrade over 200 cards of mythical heroes and gods
- Real-time and competitive PvP using over a thousand units on the battlefield
- Intriguing PvE story with unique twists, turns, and laughs
- Perfect combination of RPG, SLG and Simulation gameplay
- Enjoy the game by yourself as a solo adventurer or play with friends
- Gameplay is simple to play, difficult to master
- Gorgeous graphics by the world class artists.
- Hours of fun

Are you DESTINED for greatness?

War of Gods:DESTINED [HACK God Mode] v 1.2.1
War of Gods:DESTINED [HACK God Mode] v 1.2.1
War of Gods:DESTINED [HACK God Mode] v 1.2.1
War of Gods:DESTINED [HACK God Mode] v 1.2.1
War of Gods:DESTINED [HACK God Mode] v 1.2.1

Download War of Gods:DESTINED for Android:

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