Africa – Escape from zoo! [HACK Money] v 1.2.1

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 28 mb
Android version: 2.3.x


Into the game giving away a lot of money;in-game coins up to show only 4 digits, so the coins are there, just the display problem

Download Addictive & simple runner game!
Africa – Escape from zoo!

Wholly-free runner game you can enjoy with a finger
Your hand will enjoy it with simple operation of one finger.

The cute animals caught in the zoo begin to escape.
Please help them escape from the zoo as far as they can.

You need to operate it in the delicate way though it is simple and easy.
How much can you control it delicately and react fast?

Why don’t you select the character that goes well with youamong total 19 animals and try the longest escape distance?

If you are good at playing the game after trying a number of animals,
why don’t you select the character of ‘zookeeper’ as a special player which is suitable for high leveler?
Zookeeper who wants to quit his job and get out of zoo right away begins his escape from zoo.

Additive & simple runner game!
Africa – Escape from zoo!
The cute animals are waiting for your help!

★ Play Tip★
- It is important not to hide the player with the finger!
- If you operate it by touching bottom of screen, you can reach further as you can check the moving direction.
- It has the moment you should meet timing by reducing the speed for a curve. Please show your quick reaction.
- If the one is a fast animal, would that be good one? You can reach the best score with the one that goes well with you.

★ Ect ★
- The animals you can achieve first time are five (dog, cat, chicken, mouse and big).
- The function of saving at Cloud is available from second animal you achieve.
- If you want to store the data of previous play, please press restore button in option screen before achieving second animal.

Download Africa – Escape from zoo! for Android:

Download from Google Play
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