3D TD: Chicka Invasion [HACK Money] v 1.5.0

Author: Enot
Category: Strategy
Weight: 41 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! 3DTD Christmas Endless Mode is coming! Come and defense your tower! You can see snow elements everywhere and enjoy a strong Christmas atmosphere. The Chicka Army has found its strong backup force - Christmas Chicken, Candy Cane Chicken and Chicken Snowman. Snow Castle is in battle array and Frost Rockfall, Frost Bomb and Frost Blower are all ready! Come to put up a strong defence against violent attack on the Castle.

* CMGE Fantastic Games, No.8 *
(Fantastic Games is an Indie game support program of CMGE.)

Wow! Wow! Our world is invaded! By Chickens!!!

From Sweaty Chair Studio, 3D-TD, the 3D tower-defense mobile, will launch Endless Mode on Halloween.

3DTD, as a production of SweatyChair, allows players to build a 360° game scene. To protect the world from invasion of chickens.

As a 3D Tower Defense game, the game allows the map to be rotated freely by 360°. And with the special physical engine, you also enjoy amusing 3D physical effects; the arrows shot by chickens can be blocked by shield, the rolling stone rolls sideways if blocked, and the hammer knocks chicken away!

Of course, it’s also very easy to enjoy the fun. All you need to do is to rotate the map at any direction, put weapons such as Electric Tower, Crossbow in the grids as you like, and then just enjoy fighting the chickens!

[ The Game ]

3D Voxel Tower Defense, a whole new experience like never before.
More than 1000 levels for you to conquer: Dungeons, Flying Whales, Deserts and The Wall!
Over 100 ancient towers, countless defense combinations, the limitation is your imagination!
Chickas will surprise attack you with adorableness, ships, and planes, and magic!

3D TD: Chicka Invasion [HACK Money] v 1.5.0
3D TD: Chicka Invasion [HACK Money] v 1.5.0
3D TD: Chicka Invasion [HACK Money] v 1.5.0
3D TD: Chicka Invasion [HACK Money] v 1.5.0
3D TD: Chicka Invasion [HACK Money] v 1.5.0
3D TD: Chicka Invasion [HACK Money] v 1.5.0
3D TD: Chicka Invasion [HACK Money] v 1.5.0

Download 3D TD: Chicka Invasion for Android:

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