Horrorfield [HACK Skill Points] v 0.52

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 103 mb
Android version: 2.2.x
You will playing in real-time with other live players, to determine who will die today, and who will be saved and will live.
7 unique maniacs, each with their own skills and unique hunting style.
7 unique victims with different abilities and specializations.
Enclosed space, with traps, hiding places and objects.
The task of the victims, acting cohesively together to escape from a variety of locations. You’ll have to hide, help each other, use and combine different skills and items.
Maniac task is simple – find and kill all. He is one, and many of the victims. But he is strong and invulnerable. Nearly.

Horrorfield [HACK Skill Points] v 0.52
Horrorfield [HACK Skill Points] v 0.52
Horrorfield [HACK Skill Points] v 0.52
Horrorfield [HACK Skill Points] v 0.52
Horrorfield [HACK Skill Points] v 0.52

Download Horrorfield for Android:

Download from Google Play

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