The Warland [HACK No Deploy Cost/Unlimited Bomb Use] v 1.2

Author: Enot
Category: Strategy
Weight: 85 mb
Android version: 4.4.x
The most fun of war games Warland is a real-time strategy game where you can deploy your teams and –compete against players all over the world.
Are you ready for a stunning and totally realistic war experience? Warland, an immersive military strategy game, is like no game you've ever seen before! Become the best commander in the world with the best mobile military strategy game ever.
In the biggest free MMO strategy game on the mobile, set up your army, plan your strategy and deploy your forces!
You can control the movement of each of your troop, perfect your war strategy and skills. You can give orders to your soldiers to change the course of the war and challenge your opponents.
Create and strengthen your own army with Warland. Start challenging real players simultaneously to improve your rank! Collect equipment and character cards and become the most fearless army in Warland.

• Improve your battle strategy, deploy your troops and take control of the Warland
• Experience the excitement of battle against friends and players from all over the world in a challenging multiplayer mode that tests your strategy ability!
• Manage and upgrade your army to rule the battlefront!
• Create great alliances to defeat your opponents and develop your own strategic operation quarters.
• Prove yourself with epic PvP battles that will strengthen your hand against your enemies and put your opponents on dusty pages of history!
• Write your destiny against rebels in the Story Mode!
• Create your own War community and show your company’s strategy and military power on the battlefield!
• Challenge your company friends with friendly battle !
• With the real time chat future discuss your strategy with your allies!
• For greater rewards complete difficult missions and step ahead of your enemies!
• Create massive operations with various types of missions such as assault, sniper, siege and confidential!
• Collect special items and participate limited time events to improve your character and expand your weapon collection!

-Best defence is an explosive offence!
Are you ready to become the commander that soldiers need in Warland?

The Warland [HACK No Deploy Cost/Unlimited Bomb Use] v 1.2
The Warland [HACK No Deploy Cost/Unlimited Bomb Use] v 1.2

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