Dancing Ball World : Music Tap [HACK Free Shopping] v 1.1.2

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 92 mb
Android version: 4.3.x
Introducing a new arcade music game Dancing Ball World : Music Tap from the creators of Dancing Line! Each level is a unique musical journey and adventure with a magnificent graphic design and a unique soundtrack!


- Lots of levels: each with original musical composition and atmosphere
- A fascinating rhythm-based gameplay: listen to music and click on the screen to rotate!
- Exciting original soundtrack: discover memorable tunes
- Compete or play to relax: the first levels are fairly calm and peaceful, higher require good reactions and skills!
- Play for free: all levels and competitions are available in the normal game mode.


Each level is a labyrinth, created before your eyes. To anticipate what will happen next, and react to turns, you need to listen carefully to the music. The rhythm of the melody is the key to success in the game.

Levels also tell their stories. Thanks to the excellent graphics, they allow you to travel in different environments. Swim on the ocean floor, fight for survival on a tropical island, go on a journey through the ancient castle, passing it on the walls and trying not to fall. Feel the Siberian climate of the winter level.

Higher levels, where you will travel through tunnels with lava and dangerous caves, will be the final test of your skills and reactions! After training for a certain time you can pass them!


- Ocean: explore the vast underwater habitat abounding with colorful sea creatures
- Island: cruise the picturesque tropical island
- Castle: cross the bridge and try to destroy the castle
- Desert: fight for survival under the scorching sun
- Lava: do not fall! Remember: the floor is lava.
- Winter Is Coming! Be careful not to die at Siberian temperatures.
- Cave: intense fast paced. Can you get out of the cave?

Use your reaction and sense of music to survive in impossible conditions! The game Dancing Ball is filled with unexpected twists, excitement and great music. She's just mesmerizing!

The system of game missions will challenge you even after passing through all levels. You will want to come back and pass them again, and you will be rewarded for it!

Dancing Ball World : Music Tap [HACK Free Shopping] v 1.1.2
Dancing Ball World : Music Tap [HACK Free Shopping] v 1.1.2

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