Taming a stray cat [HACK Money] v 1.2.2

Author: Enot
Category: Casual
Weight: 27 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
A stray cat is sweet and adorable but totally picky, so any little thing can cause her to run away. (;◔д◔)

【For example】
She is sitting nearby. Try to stroke?
→Got attacked, even only trying to rub her belly.
→Running away.

Getting a toy for you! Let's play.
→Seems she is not interested..
→Running away.

Then, how can we move up to a higher level?
【How to】
1. To have more intimacy, give her various food.

2. Get golds by making events success.. If you fail to achieve, a serious matter happened to you.. …(´;ω;`)

3. Use golds to upgrade cat foods and unlock the new event on the shop. How about finding a new cat food or a new event? (*´>д<)

4. Is she running away? Don’t be disappointed, new game will be coming! Besides, you are becoming proficient! A new adventure starts for you.

Taming a stray cat [HACK Money] v 1.2.2
Taming a stray cat [HACK Money] v 1.2.2

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