Kitty Journey [HACK Money/Lives/Unlocked Unique Cats (After level 25)] v 1.25

Author: Enot
Category: Puzzle
Weight: 78 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
Dear fluffy lump is ready to begin his fascinating journey through the vast world! Wow, what a brave baby! Such fidgety surely waiting for the ж-ж-terrible dangers. But we will not leave the kitten alone with them, right? Go with the Cat on a magnificent journey and discover the world around you! Your resourcefulness will help Pussy pick up multi-colored blocks of tangles and solve clever puzzles to open new places while traveling.

On the way you will discover an unknown world full of exciting adventures. Do you think you have to crunch cookies, crush candies, knock down diamonds? Nope. We can do without these annoying fun - you will find many unforgettable meowings in the company of the Cat and a game with powerful activators. In addition, you will meet fluffy friends Pussies, ready to go explore the world with you! The more friends, the more fun to travel! Why not invite yours? Having connected to Facebook, all your acquaintances can immerse themselves in solving complex puzzles on a variety of muzzles with their cats and tail themselves with the results achieved.

Ready to go on a journey full of discovery? It's easy! You just need to download the game for free!

You will enjoy the amazing features of this game
▪ No cat lover will remain indifferent to the Kitty Journey furry kitty
▪ A lot of levels of the game with exciting tasks will not let you get bored
▪ You will solve puzzles by picking up matches from adjacent blocks of balls for two or more
▪ Get activators and recharges, that you can find and unlock
▪ in the game world, you will get into the amazing places
▪ collection of beautiful souvenir postcards - zamurchatelny memorable way to keep your gaming myaumenty travel

Acquire n vy expertise and experience
▪ Invite your friends to the game to find out which of you is the world's largest cat lover!
▪ Do not miss the new events and opportunities that will soon appear in the game!
▪ And do not forget: Kitty Journey is played for FREE!

You are waiting for a lot of luxury adventures! If you want, you can see for yourself!

Start playing Kitty Journey right now!

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Kitty Journey [HACK Money/Lives/Unlocked Unique Cats (After level 25)] v 1.25
Kitty Journey [HACK Money/Lives/Unlocked Unique Cats (After level 25)] v 1.25

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