Sword & Glory [HACK Money] v 1.5.10

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 79 mb
Android version: 4.2.x
What would you be willing to die for?

Be a hero or a villain in a game of adventure and sword fighting. Defend the honor of you clan, amass fortunes or seek glory through defeating worthy opponents. Live your life to the fullest, for one day, as all men must, you will heed the raven's call...

- Permadeath - you will die, the only question is what for
- Choose your fate in 200 different Adventures
- Simple but challenging combat system
- Customize your character with perks and equipment
- Upgrade your home for extra bonuses
- Earn one of more than 100 epithets, such as “the Brave”, “the Greedy” or “the Silver King”
- Leaderboards and achievements

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome at swordandglory@ifelsemedia.com

"It's a fantastic arrangement, well thought out from almost every angle."
4.5/5 Stars
- Toucharcade

"Go get Sword & Glory immediately"
- Pocket Tactics

Sword & Glory [HACK Money] v 1.5.10
Sword & Glory [HACK Money] v 1.5.10
Sword & Glory [HACK Money] v 1.5.10
Sword & Glory [HACK Money] v 1.5.10
Sword & Glory [HACK Money] v 1.5.10
Sword & Glory [HACK Money] v 1.5.10

Download Sword & Glory for Android:

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