Stick vs zombie [HACK Money] v 1.2.1

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 57 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
??? In the Z12th - test, a unexpected accident creates dangerous virus - Virus X, which infected people lost the ability to control themselves. Virus X make the hosts become zombies, They find, kill and eat every living things.

??? You - stickman hero the only citizen in the world who can deal with the undead. Your mission is to find the cure of the virus and save the world - Join now ! Stickman legacy - Stickman games

??? Game Features:
► Join combat via various stickman gun.
► Multiple weapon types featured .Guns have different sound effects to represent their real life versions
► Collect different weapon types and upgrade them for more features and firepower!
► Over 40 different types of zombies in epic fight
► 3 different skills to develop and upgrade. Upgrade stickmen in different ways to make the adventure unique.
► Set your nerve to the highest level and deal with different zombie types in league of stickman.
► Use your stickman warriors brain to get rid of the zombies – choose your weapon wisely!
► Collect money to buy gear that will allow you to survive the stickman games.
► Special items help you become a ninja stickman - stickman fighter: Speed boost, energy drink, Iron Armor...

Be aware of your critical power – stickman legacy. Increase the amount of damage dealt by a critical hit and its chance! Increase the speed and power of stickmen. Over +90 extreme upgrade options help you become a stickman warriors - stickman legend! Boost the base damage output of your stickman gun. In stickman games, you can become ninja stickman, stickman legends, stickman fighter, ninja heroes ... anyone you want.

The human habitat has turned into a dead city, portending the downfall of human race. The air is contaminated and infected, augmenting the spread of the deadly virus. 5 different regions with their own style and environment. Over 80 stages to complete. Stickman warriors (ninja stickman) need to join the league of stickman to win to unlock the next regions. Show off the anger of stickman through levels, through league of stickmen - epic fight

Reload your guns and weapon-up with pistol, dual pistol, AK47, shotgun, gatling gun, awm gun, bazoka, fire gun, thunder gun, nuclear gun, magic legion and even use melee weapons… it is stickman legacy, dark sword for a close hand-to-hand combat. Increase your weapon's range and projectile velocity. Upgrade your ammo that determines how many times you can shoot before reload. In this stick war to join the league of stickmen as a stickman warriors.

??? How to play:
- Using the “joystick” to move the stickman in all directions in the game. using button Attack to destroy all zombie
Note: You need to attention to the amount of ammunition of the long-range weapon or “stamina” of the dark sword - magic legion. If they are no more, you can not fight!!!

??? Completely stickman games free! Endless free gold and level clearance rewards will make you enjoy the game stick war without paying anything!

Stick vs zombie [HACK Money] v 1.2.1
Stick vs zombie [HACK Money] v 1.2.1
Stick vs zombie [HACK Money] v 1.2.1
Stick vs zombie [HACK Money] v 1.2.1
Stick vs zombie [HACK Money] v 1.2.1

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