Counter Terrorist Elite Combat [HACK Money] v 1.1

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 38 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
This is a very sophisticated first person shooter game, the game has two maps, dozens of levels!

Terrorists are creating chaos again and letting the city fall into a war of turmoil, it is time to pick up the handgun and confront it with the enemy!

Although we counter war, but we are not afraid of the war. If the war zone continues to expand, we will be forced to take action to protect our homeland.

Game features:

◆ Two large map, each map has dozens of levels;
◆ No Wi-Fi? No problem;
◆ Shocking 3D next generation shocking screen let you stay in the near future, from the city skyscrapers, to exotic scenes, everything!
◆ A variety of classic shooting games, mechanical aiming, quasi-aiming, the perfect control experience;
◆ Realistic fighting experience, rich combat action and fighting sound effects;
◆ game does not take up too much space, only 30M, do not worry about space is not enough;◆ Four guns, shotguns, machine guns, submachine guns, rifles and deputy weapons pistol.


◆ Choose to carry firearms;
◆ Choose game difficulty, difficulty or simple;
◆ Select the map;
◆ Swipe the left screen to move the character;
◆ Sliding the right screen is used to move the center of gravity, moving the center of gravity to the target will automatically attack.

Enter the battlefield to meet the deciding moment, experience dazzling pictures, and experience the world's best first-person shooter.

Single-handedly killed the siege, against the crazy terrorist war storm plan, launched an offensive to save the world.

Your little friends are playing, not coming join us yet!

Counter Terrorist Elite Combat [HACK Money] v 1.1
Counter Terrorist Elite Combat [HACK Money] v 1.1
Counter Terrorist Elite Combat [HACK Money] v 1.1
Counter Terrorist Elite Combat [HACK Money] v 1.1
Counter Terrorist Elite Combat [HACK Money] v 1.1

Download Counter Terrorist Elite Combat for Android:

Download from Google Play
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