Warriors' Market Mayhem [HACK Diamonds/Honors] v 1.5.14

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 26 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
A peaceful kingdom. Mr. Forge King, who owns a near broke forge, accidentally awakened a dragon.
This is how this story unfolds...while the kingdom is in great danger, the smithing business takes off.
- Shish..it is a secret to the grave that I have awakened the dragon.
- Hire a strong warrior for manual labor.
- Some are not good warriors in the battlegrounds. But it is usually the powerful weapons that make a great warrior.
- Get in higher ranks in the competition and get medals. You can purchase powerful customs with those medals.
- You can play it offline. Save your data.
- If you delete the game, you will also lose data. Save data on the cloud for data security.
If there is any wrong translation in the game
Please email us at 'catlabstudio@gmail.com' and we will fix it quickly.
Thank you!

Warriors' Market Mayhem [HACK Diamonds/Honors] v 1.5.14
Warriors' Market Mayhem [HACK Diamonds/Honors] v 1.5.14

Download Warriors' Market Mayhem for Android:

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