Solomon's Boneyard [HACK Money] v 1.1.6

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 50 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
Twenty-Three years before the horrifying events chronicled in "Solomon's Keep," the Wizard's college first suspected they might have a problem with one of their graduates. A battle mage was dispatched to put an end to this young "Solomon Dark" before he could grow in power...

In Solomon's Boneyard, you can play as one of seven young wizards, with over thirty skills to master. The game is a survival two-thumb shooter, where you will face wave after wave of undead hordes, while gaining levels and choosing new skills to fight with.

The game comes complete with a high score list, and an innovative perks system that will allow you to grow in power the more you play.

Solomon's Boneyard [HACK Money] v 1.1.6
Solomon's Boneyard [HACK Money] v 1.1.6
Solomon's Boneyard [HACK Money] v 1.1.6
Solomon's Boneyard [HACK Money] v 1.1.6

Download Solomon's Boneyard for Android:

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