Legend of Brave [HACK God Mode/DMG] v 6.0.0

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 113 mb
Android version: 4.4.x
Legend of Brave is a 3D online real-time APRG game of 2017 that covers the most popular game types on the market: collection over 100 kinds of Cute Pets & cool Mounts; blood PVP, PVE battles; Devil Dungeon Challenge and so on. There are more modes waiting for you, come on with friends to fight against the darkness.

●Blood fighting to be the KING
Warrior, Mage and Gunner, different characters with different skills, switch freely with huge damage output to be the King
●Various PVP and PVE modes
Killing monsters and being the dominator in Devil Dungeon, 1V1 Dungeon and Arena. Create your guild and summon the holy beast to defend your territory.
●Strong combination: fighting with Pets & Mounts, fire fully open
The game contains hundreds of different types of mounts & pets. No matter play the role as an output or auxiliary, it’s all depends on yourself. Punish the evil and promote the good together with your partners.
●Popular costumes available, Create exclusive style
No matter retro, funny, sexy or cute, a variety of styles waiting for you to choose. And it also has a large number of time-limited costumes, such as Valentine's Day Set, Christmas Set and so on. Just come on and show your freestyle.

Legend of Brave [HACK God Mode/DMG] v 6.0.0
Legend of Brave [HACK God Mode/DMG] v 6.0.0
Legend of Brave [HACK God Mode/DMG] v 6.0.0
Legend of Brave [HACK God Mode/DMG] v 6.0.0
Legend of Brave [HACK God Mode/DMG] v 6.0.0

Download Legend of Brave for Android:

Download from Google Play

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