Time Breaker [HACK Money] v 1.0

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 103 mb
Android version: 5.0.x
During a heist, Christos discovers the most valuable relic in the universe! He breaks it and this leads to him becoming trapped in time. He is forced by a mysterious being to forever rob banks throughout the multiverse.

But why him?

Run through time, break every law and join Christos through mysterious times and alternate histories to discover why he is the chosen one.

How far will you go?


● Steal – Be strategic and loot the most valuable banks and dungeons in the multiverse, but be quick! The doors will shut and you will be trapped.

● Escape – Use your reaction speed to vault over obstacles and take out enemies with a variety of weapons!

● Time Travel – Travel through dimensions, unlock new power-ups in the Time Ship and complete challenges to uncover the mysteries of the Quianna relic.

Time Breaker [HACK Money] v 1.0
Time Breaker [HACK Money] v 1.0
Time Breaker [HACK Money] v 1.0
Time Breaker [HACK Money] v 1.0
Time Breaker [HACK Money] v 1.0
Time Breaker [HACK Money] v 1.0
Time Breaker [HACK Money] v 1.0

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