Heart Attack [HACK Money] v 1.0.2

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 36 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
If you like super challenging platform games, then Heart Attack is the perfect fit for you! Help Red, a Meat Boy,
regain his health by completing all challenging levels in two different worlds.

In Heart Attack, you can test yourself in a series of levels. Jump, stick to walls, avoid obstacles and keep jumping to survive and reach the finish zone. Gather all blood bags and use them as currency! Buy different character, each with its own skill: power jump, hang time, inverted gravity and more skills to come!

Heart attack is the perfect blend between a real challenge and a fun, well-rounded game.
Whether you are a hardcore, platform-lover, gamer or just a casual mobile gamer looking to have some fun, you should definitely download Heart Attack and start having some fun!

Heart Attack [HACK Money] v 1.0.2
Heart Attack [HACK Money] v 1.0.2
Heart Attack [HACK Money] v 1.0.2
Heart Attack [HACK Money] v 1.0.2
Heart Attack [HACK Money] v 1.0.2
Heart Attack [HACK Money] v 1.0.2

Download Heart Attack for Android:

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