Alone Counter Terrorist Strike [HACK Money] v 2.0

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 50 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
We are happy to present our another first person shooter game “Alone Counter Terrorist Strike” (AC-TS).

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This is an action filled shooting game which presents the player with 2 different environments which are filled with organisation’s special assault forces. You are a special agent in a counter strike team trained to search and destroy s and threats. As part of this assault team you have to battle against all the enemy squad soldiers and counter all the in the area.

You can check there location using the radar. Some enemies might be out of range for our radar system so you might have to patrol the area for any enemy units. You can use auto shoot button for easier gameplay or you can use auto target if you are having difficulty with aiming.

Try to stay alive and complete your mission soldier.
End of transmission.

Game Controls :

- You can use the joystick on the left bottom of the screen to move around.
- Use the right half of the screen to look around for aiming and targeting.
- Use the trigger button on the right bottom to shoot or fire the weapon.
- Tap the “Weapons” icon on the top right of the screen to manually reload your weapon (Weapons will be automatically reloaded when the clip is out and there are still bullets in your backup).
- Use the left and right arrows on the top right to change between the purchased weapons.
- You can pause the game by pressing the pause button on the top left of the screen.
- Use the target button on the bottom right to aim down sight.

Other Settings : 

- You can adjust your weapons sensitivity for both both aim and non-aimed mode from the pause menu.
- You can also choose one of the helpers from pause menu like “Auto Shoot” or “Auto Target“.
- You can purchase bullets form the weapon shop in main menu. if you have coins and run out of bullets during the gameplay, a clip of bullets will be automatically purchased for you.

Key Features :

- Auto Shoot option available
- Auto Target option available
- 2 type of sensitivity controls
- look around sensitivity
- Aiming sensitivity
- 2 Melee weapons
- knife
- katana
- 6 different guns including:
- M1911 Pistol
- Tactical Shotgun
- MP5
- AK-47
- M4 Carbine
- Sniper
- 2 high quality extremely gorgeous environments

Have fun and enjoy the game.

Please do give us suggestions to how we can make our game

Alone Counter Terrorist Strike [HACK Money] v 2.0
Alone Counter Terrorist Strike [HACK Money] v 2.0
Alone Counter Terrorist Strike [HACK Money] v 2.0
Alone Counter Terrorist Strike [HACK Money] v 2.0
Alone Counter Terrorist Strike [HACK Money] v 2.0
Alone Counter Terrorist Strike [HACK Money] v 2.0
Alone Counter Terrorist Strike [HACK Money] v 2.0

Download Alone Counter Terrorist Strike for Android:

Download from Google Play
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