Mad Ducks AR [HACK Money] v 1.16

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 95 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
It’s a hunting season, so go hunting now! Shoot the flying ducks with your gun or they’ll splat their icky poop all over you. Mad Ducks AR is a revolutionary augmented reality game where you will see flying ducks around you. You have to aim and shoot these annoying creatures. If you are ready to play the next generation bird hunting game, download and play this addictive bird hunting game now!

AR games or augmented reality games are games that bring the digital world into your real world environment. It gives a whole new level of gaming experience that we couldn’t have before this technology is born. In gun simulator AR games, you will be able to aim and shoot for digital creatures which move around your current environment. You will never know how amazing it is if you never experience it. We invite you to try this ground breaking technology on our newest bird shooting gun simulator game: Mad Ducks AR.

Mad Ducks AR is a truly revolutionary duck shooter and bird hunting game you cannot miss. Our free hunting game is completely different from other free hunting games. This is not your typical bird shooting game because these annoying fowls appear wherever you are. They are flying around you, splattering you and your room with their icky poop.

In this duck shooter game, you must take revenge and show them who’s the boss by shooting the flying ducks. To do this, you must move your phone to aim and shoot these canards down! It’s not easy since they fly very fast. Their annoying sounds will make you even madder. But be patient! If you get mad, you can’t get even. Go hunting with careful aim and great timing calculation. We guarantee you’ll finally be able to shoot these fowls down with your gun.


- Amazing bird shooting game with augmented reality effect.
- Aim at the flying ducks with your camera lens.
- Move your phone around to aim and press to shoot.
- Shoot and take down as many flying birds as you can.
- Realistic (but annoying) bird poops effect and sound!
- Realistic sound effects.
- Challenging gun simulator and duck shooter game.

You don’t have to wait until hunting season for canard shooting when you can play this game anytime, anywhere.

If you are ready to take this challenge, download our FREE hunting game now! It’s truly an open hunting season. So go hunting and bring these canards down. Grab your gun, aim, and shoot!

NOTE: Your device must have gyroscope and you must ENABLE our app to access your Camera for this duck hunter game to work.

We strive to make the best game for our users. However, we realize that this game is far from perfect. If you have any problem when playing this game, please contact us by email and tell us about your issues. We promise we will fix it as soon as possible.

Do you enjoy Mad Ducks AR – Duck Hunting Augmented Reality Game? If you do, please support us by leaving a rating and review. We really appreciate it!

Mad Ducks AR [HACK Money] v 1.16
Mad Ducks AR [HACK Money] v 1.16
Mad Ducks AR [HACK Money] v 1.16
Mad Ducks AR [HACK Money] v 1.16
Mad Ducks AR [HACK Money] v 1.16
Mad Ducks AR [HACK Money] v 1.16
Mad Ducks AR [HACK Money] v 1.16

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