Nine Stones [HACK Champion Atk/Def/HP x50] v 1.0.19

Author: Enot
Category: Strategy
Weight: 83 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
Use brilliant strategies and unique Champions for the victory!

Fight against invaders and protect your Town!
Dive into legendary clashes between unique Champions and use tactics to win!
The more you play, the more you will love!
Come and play NINE STONES!

[Game Info]
One and only Real-Time Battle available Strategy game
With strong Champions, get the victorious win from battles!

[Game Details]
▶Real Time PVP Battle
- Don’t let other users to attack your Town
- Get into the battle immediately as soon as you get an alarm

▶Various Battle Contents
- Conquest with 4 different themes
- Defense Battle to defeat Makoun’s Troop
- Invasion to attack other users’ Town

▶Champions RPG System
- Collect Champions from battles, and make their Level-Up
- Make various combination with your Champions

Nine Stones [HACK Champion Atk/Def/HP x50] v 1.0.19
Nine Stones [HACK Champion Atk/Def/HP x50] v 1.0.19
Nine Stones [HACK Champion Atk/Def/HP x50] v 1.0.19

Download Nine Stones for Android:

Download from Google Play

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Reason: Hacked version UPDATED: 1.0.19

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  1. Guest Chris
    Guest Chris 8 October 2017 10:00
    Is there any chance of doing this same exact mod on the new version (1.0.19)?
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