Kenworth Truck Simulator: Heavy Cargo Truck Driver [HACK Money] v 1.4

Author: Enot
Category: Simulation / Racing
Weight: 66 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
It's time to drive Kenworth truck simulator on the rough road of euro and american roads. We are the heavy luggage truck transporter, It is our duty to drive on the rough road among realistic traffic system. Don't brake the traffic signals while driving the heavy trucks to transport the cars, heavy luggage, oil, milk and other important stuff from one euro city to other american cities in the night driving simulator. You will have a chance to become a Oil Truck Driver Simulator, Milk Truck Driver Simulator, Car Truck Transporter and Luggage Truck Transporter. In the night mode while driving realistic truck driving simulator you will have to keep an eye on signals, coming realistic artificial intelligent traffic, walking pedestrian on the side of road, if you hit pedestrian then police chase will start, and the they will chase you until you get out of the radius of police chasing cars. In "American Truck Simulator 2017" you will enjoy 20 missions, in each mission your responsibility is pick the oil truck trailer or dairy milk truck trailer or wood truck trailer or iron truck trailer or other luggage trailer, every rigid truck transporter have his own reward and have to drop the other stations. Just like grand truck simulator this rough truck simulator means truck driver 3d is more enjoyable, more realistic and fun to play around the realistic traffic system in the night mode while delivering the the heavy cargo luggage from different point of the cities. CPEC with future truck simulator will also be the part of this game but in future. We will also work on Multiplayer mode of "American Truck Simulator: Heavy Cargo Truck Driver 3D".
Features of American and Euro Truck Simulator 2:
- 20+ realistic missions
- 7 Trailers including Car Truck Trailer, Oil Truck Trailer, Dairy Milk Truck Trailer, Wood Truck Trailer, Iron Truck Trailer and other heavy luggage truck trailer
- 6 High Quality Trucks including volvo truck, Kenworth tractor with trailer, U.S. Peterbilt truck California, Chase 1908 delivery wagon, American LaFrance ladder truck of Gainesville FD, Caterpillar 740
- 3 Realistic Cities with Night Mode and amazing star sky
- Night Driving simulator
- Realistic AI Traffic System
- Realistic And Smooth Trucks Controls
- Realistic Truck Physics
- Realistic 3D Graphics
- 3 Different Camera Angles
- Steering, Buttons and Sensors (Accelerometer) Controllers
- Different Stations like port station, train station, fly overs, mountain station etc
- Side Pedestrian with funny hitting truck sounds
Now lets jump onto the rough streets of truck games in truck simulator 2017 and become the truck driver while having fun in crazy truck driver simulator game.
New in Future of this Heavy Truck Simulator:
- New Many Realistic Heavy Truck
- New Euro Trucks and American Trucks
- New Cities
- Day and Night Mode
- New Trailers
- Rigid Truck Transporter
- Mobile heavy truck simulation
- New Truck Simulator USA and Euro
- Multiplayer mode in your next truck adventure
So, lets jump into American Truck Simulator USA and become a pro truck driver 3d and heavy duty trucker.
If you fond of muddy road then big truck is good choice to drive mack truck
cary trailer from barr point to the hep and cummins destination
drive dms and lex by haul oversize trailer
keep the spotlight on road and wiper on and avoid the traffic collision
Keep Truck fast as proton and deliver the heavy construction on freeway using semi truck and keep control on rudder
Got problem put your jakes down and drive again
Comming In Future scania Truck
Cattle Transporter
afghan city

Kenworth Truck Simulator: Heavy Cargo Truck Driver [HACK Money] v 1.4
Kenworth Truck Simulator: Heavy Cargo Truck Driver [HACK Money] v 1.4
Kenworth Truck Simulator: Heavy Cargo Truck Driver [HACK Money] v 1.4
Kenworth Truck Simulator: Heavy Cargo Truck Driver [HACK Money] v 1.4
Kenworth Truck Simulator: Heavy Cargo Truck Driver [HACK Money] v 1.4

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