Clicker Pirates - Tap to fight [HACK Coins] v 1.1.5

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 43 mb
Android version: 4.0.x

****This game requires devices with 1GB of RAM or more.****

Become the King of the Pirates with Clicker Pirates!
Tap to defeat lots of huge enemies and conquer the world!

======= Features =======

• Recruit 25 different heroes for your crew, from feared pirates, skilled swordsmen, shark-men, undead, voodoo witches, men-parrot ... catch'em all!
• Infinite fun: reset your game to get legendary artifacts and thus go further in your next run
• Collect hundreds of objects of different rarities (common, magical, rare, legendary)
• Complete daily missions to get even more gold doubloons
• Level up your captain and unlock his 5 powerful skills
• More than 6 different worlds to explore
• And much more content to come in future updates! Are you going to miss it?

Begin your adventure and sail the seven seas. Defeat thousands of monsters, hire dozens of heroes for your crew, find and collect hundreds of magical artifacts and awesome treasures. Loot all you can and only then you will become the most famous pirate of all time!

Tap non stop to defeat your enemies, loot millions of gold doubloons and level up your captain and his crew! You will unlock powerful skills that will make you even stronger. This is the only way to face the most feared Bosses of all the seas and continue sailing towards the end of the world.

Arrr! It will not be an easy path, but your father was a great pirate and only you can take his place!


Clicker Pirates - Tap to fight [HACK Coins] v 1.1.5


Clicker Pirates - Tap to fight [HACK Coins] v 1.1.5


Download Clicker Pirates - Tap to fight for Android:

Download: Hacked version

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